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Barder Rod Co 7½' #4-weight 3-piece 2-top model № 3904 fly rod & leather case c2011 in unused as-new condition  

This rod has been stored correctly since it was completed in 2011 and has not been used or handled.  It is just as it would be if we were offering it as a new rod ex-stock.

Recently, I was fortunate enough to have a lovely day on the West Dart and Cherry Brook.  A great friend, my host for the day, was fishing with this rod’s twin, and it was demonstrably the perfect tool for such varied small stream fishing.  Discretely observing it in use, I could see that it had rifle-like accuracy, a brisk but not aggressive action, light enough not to be fatiguing.  The rod tracked perfectly as it flexed, without oscillation or tip bounce.  The feel experienced while casting informed my friend’s casting stroke and the fishing was all about pleasure.  Playing a trout was a tactile and satisfying experience.  The rod, the fish and the surroundings were in perfect harmony.  I would confidently back this rod against any competition from carbon fibre or fibreglass rods of the same length and line rating.

For those Devonshire brooks and countless other intimate trout waters, this rod is peerless and will give pleasure to generations of anglers.  It is also significantly less expensive than, for instance, a bottle of Chateau Petrus 1990, which may well be delicious, but unlike this rod you’ll only be able to use it once.

The split cane blank was flame tempered by hand to a medium caramel colour and has great resilience and vigour.  The bamboo is flawless and the hand pressed and straightened nodes, staggered in the three-by-three Leonard configuration, are distant from critical areas such as ferrules, tip rings and the swelled butt.

The ferrules, made from nickel silver tube drawn to ¾ hardness, are our own make of Leonard pattern, waterproof, splint-ended, blued & lacquered.  They are a perfect fit and have their classically shaped hand-turned Olive wood and cork stoppers.

The elegant and comfortable cigar shaped handle is made from the finest Flor grade Portuguese cork shives, which we cut into ¼” thick discs to make a stronger laminate and to ensure that only the cleanest fissure-free corks are used.

The reel seat spacer is made from highly figured Olive wood chosen for its durability.  Its colour is in harmony with the split cane sections.  The butt cap, impressed with our maker’s details and delicately knurled, is blued and lacquered, as are the sliding reel band (which is tapered internally to accept the slope of a fly reel’s foot) grip check and shoulder collar.

The snake guides and tip rings are hard chromed fine gauge stainless steel.  The butt ring has a carbide centre.  I finished all of the guides to a dark bronze using the original and otherwise extinct system of stove enamelling developed in Redditch for the bronzing of hooks.

The ring whippings are transparent (varnish saturated for flexibility and waterproofing) Pearsall’s Gossamer Light Olive –shade № 20.  They are tipped with six turns of tan embroidery silk so fine that each tipping is the thickness of a single strand of Gossamer.  The ferrules are whipped with Pearsall’s Gossamer Java brown –shade № 30.

The rod has a flawless, durable and long lasting yacht varnish finish.

It has a tailor made bag with an integral stiffener to protect the tips, and a fine leather hanging loop.

The hand stitched bridle leather case is lined with heavy gauge aluminium tube that will protect the rod from the rigours of travel.  The overall external length of the case is 33½ inches. 

Price: £3,000

All pre-owned rods supplied by us are issued with a specially printed and individually signed and dated certificate of ownership.

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