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Barder Rod Co Chris Yates Barbus Maximus 11¾' split cane barbel rod c1992 in mint condition

A Barbus Maximus made towards the end of my time as a solo rod maker at the North End workshop, this impeccable rod has been used three or four times and is in mint original condition.

Like the № 10 Chris Yates Bishop described within these pages, the blank features Garrison pattern node spacing.  The bamboo was split into strips which were arranged so that no nodes would coincide around the rod’s circumference.  The strips were straightened, triangulated and pressure wrapped into un-tapered hexagonal blanks that were then baked in my purpose-built oven to temper and heat-set the strips.  They were then hand planed to their final dimensions and bonded together with Aerolite 308.  The middle section is hollow-built split cane.  The detachable handle and tip are solid split cane.

The intermediate rings are hard chromed stainless steel bridge pattern, as is the butt ring, which has a grey aluminium oxide centre.  The tip ring is nickel silver with a particularly nice agate centre.  This ring would have been made in Germany before 1939 and came from the stock I acquired from Constable of Bromley.

The whipping silk is Pearsall’s transparent bottle green throughout.  The handle ferrule is by Beatson’s of Sheffield and the reinforced tip-to-middle ferrule was made by an ex-Hardy ferrule maker.  These splint end suction ferrules are blued and lacquered.  The traditional hardwood and cork stoppers (made by me) are in place and still fit snugly.

The detachable split can handle has Flor grade cork with a trumpet shaped top, an aluminium tapered butt cap with its red rubber button and alloy sliding reel bands.

A hook keeper ring is incorporated into the whipping over the splint ends of the mid section’s male ferrule and the Indian ink inscription above this reads: The Barbus Maximus 11’9” Chris Yates Barbel rod.  Hand-made by Edward Barder in 1992.

The rod is absolutely straight and the finish is as new, without any blemishes.  The bag is made from brown heavy duty cotton drill and has press stud fastenings and a pocket in the flap for the ferrule stoppers.

The rod is rated for reel lines of 4 – 8 lbs BS and has a quick, progressive through action.  It would be suitable for refined barbel fishing, chub, tench and big perch.

Price: £1,400

All pre-owned rods supplied by us are issued with a specially printed and individually signed and dated certificate of ownership.

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