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Edward Barder Rod Co Chris Yates Bishop Carp Rod № 10.  11' 2-piece c1992

This is perhaps the most unusual and distinctive example of the twenty one Chris Yates Bishop carp rods that were produced as an introductory limited edition.  They were made by Edward Barder when he was building rods at his North End workshop and co-designed with Chris Yates from 1989 to 1990.

It is in flawless condition and is as straight now and as full of vigour as the day it left the workshop.

This rod has a number of unique and specially commissioned features.  Unlike other rods in this edition, it is close whipped throughout with dark green silk, has a fine trumpet-shaped handle top with an alloy shoulder collar and nickel silver framed red agate butt and tip rings.

The split cane was hand planed and the knots were arranged in the Garrison style; that is to say that each knot is in isolation within the rod’s circumference.  This is a time consuming and demanding system of split cane building and was employed as a demonstration of dedication to the craft.

The blued and lacquered waterproof reinforced splint-end suction ferrules were made in Alnwick in the Hardy style, fit together perfectly and the original varnished hardwood and cork stopper is in place.  The intermediate bridge rings are hard-chromed stainless steel.  A hook keeper ring is whipped in above the handle’s shoulder collar.  The tapered alloy butt cap is fitted with a red rubber button.  The sliding reel bands have a beautiful and subtle convex knurl.

The Indian ink inscription on the split cane above the handle includes the maker and rod details, and the number 10.

The rod retains its original hand sewn bag (made from cotton twill ex-Constable of Bromley) and screw capped aluminium rod tube.

The rod’s action is the typical ‘parabolic’ style of these Bishops and is very well demonstrated in The Secret Carp film featuring Chris Yates.  It is a strong rod but its full action makes it suitable for casting floating baits and taming powerful fish in weedy, snaggy water.

Test curve: 1¾ pounds.  Maximum casting weight: 2 ounces.  Reel lines: 8 – 12 pounds breaking strain. 

Price: £2,200

All pre-owned rods supplied by us are issued with a specially printed and individually signed and dated certificate of ownership.

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