Are you a Witcher Twitcher?

A Suspicion Of Mr Witcher

Reels by artisan Paul Witcher are rare. When one is sighted, Witcher Twitchers gather. And then it’s gone again.

Peter Carl Fabergé made really nice eggs. They were useless as eggs, but lovely all the same. Witcher reels are sensational to fish with and they’re beautiful.

I took this picture when the reel was rotating at precisely 975.6 RPM. When the sun came out, I thought I could see a likeness of Paul Witcher, a suspicion of him, as I looked through the reel’s spokes. It was quite a spiritual moment.

This is the № 17 Bisterne II.

A reel worthy of Tsar Alexander III? No, he’s not about now & Russians aren’t allowed centrepins. But you are and this should be the beauty at the centre of your collection. Please click on the pictures to discover more.

Ted’s Tackle Tips -part 2.

Why am I squatting on a Kennet Perfection? Will this make my easement easier? Truth is, ferrules sometimes stick. Squat on your hands. Crush them, almost, behind your knees. Then spread your legs. Your hands won’t slip and the mighty power of your hams will pop the stubborn ferrule apart. Or, you’ll fall over backwards and quite possibly break your rod. Maybe -look away now if you’re Queen Victoria- you’ll blow the most stentorian fart and frighten yourself silly. Anyway, this is how Mr Colin and I unfailingly separate stuck ferrules.

Whether or not this unaccustomed exertion leads to a hernia operation, please take a look at the Witcher Bisterne reel, its friend the Chris Lythe Eclipse, the Kenneth Perfection, Chris Yates Merlin 3-piece, Bernard Venables fly rod and other choice and dainty items of fine tackle by clicking here.

With best wishes from Edward Barder, Colin Whitehouse & Lord Alfred.