Fibreglass is a contender!

You don’t understand!
I coulda had glass
I coulda been a contender
I could’ve been somebody
Instead of a trout bum,
which is what I am!

Oh Marlon, don’t make such a fuss. Fibreglass is very much alive and taking its place alongside bamboo and carbon fibre as one of the Big Three rod building materials.

Take this 7′ #3-weight fly rod, for example. You actually can. We’ve got two in stock. £850 apiece. Utterly gorgeous. There are a couple of seven and a half footers too. One’s for a #3, the other’s for a #4 line.

To find out more about our range of custom built S-Glass fly rods, please click on the pictures:

Of course, we’re exceptionally busy making rods and catching up after all the recent kerfuffle and we’ve got some really juicy items of tackle for sale, shortly to include two Barder 3-piece Avon rods with whole cane butts (who can resist a whole cane butt?) a mint, as new, like it was made yesterday B. James Richard Walker MK IV carp rod (never seen its like before), a B. James ‘Walker signature’ MK IV carp (have a chat with your stockbroker) and a Barder 8′ #4-weight split cane fly rod.

When they were worth nothing, I found a Velocette Venom motorbike in a derelict chicken shed. Should have given the farmer a fiver for it. They’re worth about ten grand now. You haven’t got time to go ferreting about in chicken sheds so save yourself the trouble and keep an eye on our website. You never know what might turn up.

With best wishes from Edward, Little Colin the Float Millionaire and Lord Alfred