Happy New Year from The Edward Barder Rod Co

Lockdown Fish Conundrum

Trout Mask Replica 2

Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band were some wiggy cats weren’t they? Who could fail to enjoy tracks such as ‘Neon Meate Dream of a Octafish‘ or the jaunty ‘She’s too much for my mirror.
Since lockdown in the UK was announced on Monday, you may have planned to stay in to catch up on your fly tying. Believe me, if you tie flies while listening to Trout Mask Replica, you and the trout will be surprised by the results. Your trout might turn out to be a carp, just like the one on the Captain’s album cover.

From today though, thanks to the efforts of the Angling Trust and the almost unbelievable common sense demonstrated by someone in authority, you may go fishing.

You may not go ballooning in Lockdown.

The Balloon

If you’re the sort of person who enjoys membership of the London Flyfisher’s Club, listens to Captain Beefheart (one tends to follow the other) or perhaps you’ve had the pleasure of being expelled from the Golden Scale Club, you won’t need to look at this picture twice. I always wondered about Bing Crosby.

Go Fishing!

Don’t take a personal stereo with you, pack a Barder rod, like this beauty. You’ve had enough of Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart. You need some fresh air.

Please keep in touch. You can’t come to see us and we can’t visit you until lockdown is over, but we’re happy to chat on the phone, via email, video call, Teams, Zoomer, Waggler, Onion (OK, some of these are types of float), Peacock insert (sounds painful) letter or a note fixed to the shaft of an arrow.

With our best wishes for a Happy New Year and good luck when you go fishing,

Edward Barder & Colin Whitehouse