What have Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders and Fred Arbogast’s Jitterbug got in common?

The answer, of course, is they both come from Akron, Ohio.

That’s the Jitterbug on the left (the Heddon River Runt Spook is on the right).

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But what about the rod Eddie? We don’t usually begin a sentence with a conjunction over here Duane. The rod is a brand new custom made Barder Rod Co. 11′ 4-piece carbon fibre Avon in an aluminium travel tube. It has many special features- a salt water resistant reel seat with a figured olive wood spacer, Fuji Sic rings, a tailor made bag. It’s available now. It would look good in the third leg of your Christmas stockings. Please click on the picture for more details.

What have the Heddon River Runt Spook and the brand new Barder Tonkin bamboo float cases got common?

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No Cleetus, they don’t both come from Dowagiac, Michigan, but they do both float.

We’ve made ten Tonkin bamboo float cases. I think two are still available. It’s nearly Christmas. Go on. You’re worth it.

This will be my last message of 2023 so from all of us here at the Barder Rod Co, a very Happy Christmas and a healthy New Year.

Best wishes from Edward and Colin.