Lord Longford?

No, the Paul Witcher Longford. That Longford!

Paul ‘Watteau’ Witcher made three quarters of a dozen of these exquisite reels. This is the last of them: № 9. It hasn’t been used since it was made in March last year and like Shelley Winters was in Alfie, it’s in perfect condition.

Why ‘Watteau’ Witcher though but Eddie? Well our Jack, it’s alliterative and Paul is a centre pin artist who has much in common with Jean-Antoine Watteau, especially his taste in suits.

Moving on.

A Tonkin bamboo float case.

Last Christmas, we made nine Tonkin bamboo float cases with Olive wood lids. The Christmas before, we made about five or six. This is one of them. It hasn’t been used and it’s in perfect condition. It’ll take floats up to 10” long and it says so in Indian ink on the bamboo. I can’t be certain that we won’t be making any more of these but at the moment we don’t have any bamboo with intact diaphragms (stop sniggering Longstaff, this isn’t a family planning clinic) that form the natural base of the case.

It’s wet out so why don’t you stay in and watch old episodes of The Likely Lads through the rotating spool of your new Witcher Aerial. Hours of fun and perfectly legal.

With best wishes and good luck with your chub fishing,

Edward and Colin