Allcock's THE AERIAL "Match" c1939.

The finest example of this reel, made only in 1939, that I've seen.


I’ve come across the famous Aerial Match model N°9053 from time to time during my thirty six years in the tackle trade. This is by far the nicest and best example I’ve had the pleasure to handle. It has an original and very high quality gloss black enamel finish to the back plate. I can’t remember seeing another with this finish- the others all had a slightly disappointing matt black finish.

The lightweight alloy spools are often rather corroded. Not this one. The original protective cellulose lacquer finish is still present, if very slightly golden in hue. It’s eighty three years old. A golden hue is permissible.

The brass foot is immaculate, the detachable handles on their brass axles are impeccable, as are the line guard, check mechanism and nickle silver spool hub and spokes. Most importantly, this reel’s spool spins absolutely perfectly on its tool steel spindle. Its rotation is silent, true and effortless.

Never a common reel, this one is both beautiful and functional. For refined trotting, attached to a favourite classic rod, this lightweight masterpiece is without equal. Modern interpretations, no matter how well made, never quite capture the timeless perfection of the peerless Aerial Match. Did I mention that this is the finest example I’ve ever seen?

Although I don’t think it’s original to the reel, it comes in a really nicely fitted JW Young leather case (it’s leather, not leatherette). As you may know, Allcock subcontracted the manufacture of all Aerials to JW Young, so the case is perfectly proper even if it’s not original.


Model N°9053-T1

4″ alloy spool, nine sixteenths wide with ten holes to the 6-spoked front flange and solid alloy spool back, has 12 line pins and a natural finish.

Tool steel spindle mounted in its black enamelled back plate. The Bickerdyke line guard is mounted in the back plate’s integral lugs.

The v-spring check is operated via a brass button on the back plate. The brass foot is fixed to the back plate with two brass screws.