Barder Rod Co 12′ #9-weight 3-piece 2-top Salmon fly rod.

Made in 2001, this rod is in exceptional near mint condition, complete with its leather case.


Commissioned by my great uncle for his daughter (my first cousin once removed), this is one of seven salmon fly rods we’ve made. It is based on the proven Hardy Wye taper.

There is an ease and elegance in casting with this rod that makes a delightful change from belting out shooting heads and all that jazz. If you find yourself on a spate river when the grilse are running and the volcanoes aren’t erupting, you’ll find it effortless to fish with in the classic style. I’m reliably informed by the owner of this rod’s twin that it tames a salmon more effectively than anything else he’s fished with and so it will, with its progressive taper and fully flexing action.

Just as it’s ineffably lovely to fish for trout with a fine split cane fly rod, so it is to swing a beautifully dressed fly over a fresh fish with a cane salmon rod. There’s a lot to this one and we spared no effort when making it to ensure that it would last a lifetime and give great pleasure to its owner.

Here are its particulars:

Precision built split cane in three sections with a pair of mirrored tips to be alternated from day to day.

Reinforced Hardy-style splint end waterproof suction ferrules with hand turned Olive wood stoppers.

Bronzed hard chrome plated stainless steel snake intermediate rings, a carbide centred nickel sliver butt ring and Agatine lined tip rings. There is a hook keeper ring above the handle, secured by a hand forged nickel silver strap. Whippings are claret silk tipped with scarlet, varnish-impregnated for permanent and flexible protection.

The handle is hand turned from the very best Portuguese Flor grade cork. The down locking reel seat has nickel silver metalwork and a figured Olive wood spacer. The nickel silver butt cap is embossed with the Barder logo and is fitted with a replaceable rubber button.

The rod comes in its tailor made bag with press stud fastenings and a practical, sturdy leather case.

The marine grade varnish finish is flawless, all sections are straight and the ferrules are an as new firm fit. This  rod represents very good value when one considers how much there is to it and it is audibly pleading to be taken out and shown to a salmon or a sea trout. What, you didn’t know that rods could speak? The chatter in here is deafening come the spring.