Barder Rod Co 7′ #4-weight 3-piece 2-top fly rod.

In unused new condition with its hand stitched vegetable tanned English bridle leather case.


This is our model 3844. It has been stored correctly since its completion in September 2019 and is in effect a new rod that has reposed in the dark while its varnish cured. It’s ready now. Just like good wine, it’s benefited from maturation. In this sense, it’s better than new and it’s available now. I’m afraid the usual lead time is well over two years.

It is built to our preferred and long established specification in terms of finish and fittings. I trust that my rather amateur photography does it justice. Full technical information about this model is to be found on this site by going to Rods and then choose Fly Rods, Split Cane from the drop down box.

The above description is a virtual repeat of the introduction to this rod’s longer sibling, the 8’6″ #4-weight listed. They were built at the same time. Of course, they have very different characters. You would be right to say that this 7-footer isn’t miniaturised, it’s really a compressed version of our longer #4-weights.

This is primarily a rod for the wading angler, although it’ll be a delight to fish from the bank if you don’t have to reach too far over weed or rushes. There’s an awful lot of this sort of fishing virtually everywhere trout swim and I’d suggest that this is the quintessential small stream trout rod.

It has rifle-like accuracy and super-smooth delivery from point blank range with just the leader out of the tip ring to thirty feet. As it’s a #4-weight it has enough fibre in its tip to be practical and not afraid of busy fishing. If you go to some trouble to fit a really well thought out leader to your fly line, there will be few if any occasions when this rod won’t be delicate enough but it will cast a mayfly if your small stream has them and you don’t tie your artificials too budgie sized.

It’s an exquisite rod in its own right, but as you’ve saved a lot of money by staying at home lately, why not treat yourself to its 8’6″ big sister too? They make a lovely pair.