Barder Rod Co Centrepin Reel № 18 from a limited production of 33

In mint unused condition. c2013.


This is the type of reel that I use for all of my float fishing, and at no time have I suffered from designer’s remorse. It works exactly as we intended, and it really is the best thing of its kind. This is only the fourth example we have been able to offer for sale since the original run sold out seven years ago. It comes as a complete package as described in the original literature reproduced below.

Absolutely no trouble or expense has been spared in the design, construction and testing of the Barder Centrepin. The reel’s ergonomics have been conceived with the greatest care. It is machined to the closest possible tolerances and only the best materials have been used in its manufacture. Its elegant and understated aesthetics are combined with the best British engineering.

Concept & Design
Passionate anglers and tackle connoisseurs require the ideal, versatile centrepin reel to meet strict criteria.

The spool must be light yet strong, and wide enough to hold the line without bedding.

The spool’s arbour should be smooth, line-friendly and have just the right diameter for efficient line retrieval, and for Wallis casting and trotting from.

The spool’s rim must have the right profile and finish for sensitivity, and the smooth braking of a heavy fish, even in the rain.

A free running spool is at the heart of a centre pin’s performance, so the reel’s mechanism should have the maximum protection from the elements. This is best achieved with an un-ventilated spool, the construction of which entails highly sophisticated and demanding machining.

The check must be effortless to operate and its crisp click should be music to the angler’s ear.

The build quality, design and aesthetics of the reel should perfectly compliment the fine rod to which it will be fitted.

In the 1990s the Edward Barder Rod Company developed our first plans for such a reel, inspired and informed by the experience and requirements of our many customers, as well as our own.

Throughout the development phase of the Barder Centrepin we have been fully responsible for the design and dimensions of all components, in-house manufacturing of key parts during prototyping and of course, thorough field testing. With our engineering partners, who hold the highest level of aerospace accreditation (AS9100), the Edward Barder Rod Company have now realised our ambition without compromise.

The reel is hard-anodised, to Type 3 Defence Standard, a very attractive and subtle dark slate colour. The Edward Barder Rod Co is tastefully engraved in copperplate script on the back plate. The reel foot boss is an integral part of the back plate.

The beautifully balanced 4″ diameter spool has an internal width of just over one inch (1.062”). Its rim has been specially profiled for strength, lightness and sensitivity. The spool’s quick release is via an aluminium button on its face. There is a small hole in the spool’s arbour for the line to be passed through so that it can be secured internally.

The spindle, made from aerospace grade 17/4 precipitation hardening stainless steel alloy, is perfectly mated to the spool’s phosphor bronze bush. A small grub screw facilitates spindle end float adjustment.

The faux ivory handles have nickel silver spindles and cups. They are proportioned and positioned to ensure ease of use, being neither too close to the spindle nor the outer rim.

The dimensions of the carefully designed brass reel foot ensure that the reel sits squarely and securely on the rod’s handle.

The check wheel and pawl are made from hand blued and heat treated steel (DO1 gauge plate). The check mechanism’s brass retaining screws are counter sunk and beautifully finished. The classically proportioned check button is also of brass and is very easy to operate, positioned between the reel foot and spindle on the back plate.

Each reel is numbered internally.
Weight of reel: 245g
Weight of spool: 114g

Within its wooden box, the reel is housed in a dark khaki canvas padded case with zip closure. Each reel is issued with a signed certificate of ownership. Also included are a care and maintenance guide, a bottle of special reel oil, and a split cane handled turnscrew.

Photos are from the original product launch.

Photos © Charles Barder