Chris Lythe 1915 Avon 4″ x 7/8″ centrepin reel.

The № 72 reel made in 2012. In exceptional condition.


Although it has been used once or twice, the only evidence is a very slight lustre to the anodising of the back plate where the check button has been moved on and off. This aside, the reel is mint, clean as a whistle and not yet ‘run in’.

It’s a reel of such perfect construction & attention to detail that it leaves one slightly awed. To use the word action to describe a reel’s utility, as one does to describe a rod’s curve, is perhaps unusual, but this reel does have an almost uncanny tactility. Everything comes to hand so effortlessly. It really has the most sublime action. In common with all the Lythe reels it’s been my privilege to handle, this one instantly feels completely right and will give its owner a lifetime’s pleasure in use and as an item of beauty.

All Lythe reels represent remarkable value in every respect.


The spool has 12 spokes –six front and six at the rear, with a front rim ventilated with eight large holes. The V-check is controlled via a button on the back plate. All parts are nickel silver and brass. The hub is phosphor bronze and the spindle, check wheel, pawl and spring are steel. The spool and back plate are anodised pewter grey. Handles are faux Ivory.

Master reel maker Chris Lythe says this is the favourite reel in his collection. It comes in its purpose made drawstring bag which is embroidered with the maker details and a fitted baize-lined block leather case by the Mill Tackle Co.

This is a superb example of Chris Lythe’s work in a thoroughly tried and tested format. If you had to restrict yourself to one classic centrepin, this would be a sound choice.