Chris Lythe 3½” Scotton Trotter centrepin reel.

Right Hand Wind, wide drum (1⅛") with BP line guard, in flawless condition c2003.


This stunning reel was commissioned with some very nice features. As well as being right hand wind (one third of the people who bought the 33 reels we produced were right hand wind), it has a superb BP line guard, slightly heavier than standard line lay pins and a discreet nipple on its back plate for securing the line when the reel is not in use. This is probably the wrong technical term and I expect to be corrected, but for now, as far as I’m concerned, it’s a nipple.

The reel has a spotless slate grey anodized finish. The V-check is operated via a brass button and the handles are faux horn. The reel is numbered 22.

The steel spindle and phosphor bronze hub are machined and fitted to perfection, as you would expect from this master reel maker. Even by his remarkable standards, this reel runs so truly and smoothly that its rotation is quite hypnotic.

If you wanted to Wallis cast with this reel, you would need to remove the line guard as you can’t, to my knowledge, Wallis cast from a reel with a line guard fitted (if you are not confident with a screwdriver, I would suggest asking Chris Lythe to remove the BP line guard). It would then be about as good to cast from as any centrepin ever made, and its extra width, near miraculous rotation and ample strength would surely suggest that this it would be a sensational barbel fishing reel. Of course if you don’t Wallis cast (and most sane human beings don’t) all of the above still applies and you can leave the BP line guard in place.

This reel is available this instant. As soon as the weather warms up and the temperature of your favourite barbel river reaches the magical 44°, you can load it up with 50 yards of 8 lb Maxima and admire its peerless form and function while the mighty river prince draws near.