Chris Lythe Scotton Trotter ‘Total Eclipse’ finish 4″ x ⅞” centre pin reel.

The № 45 Scotton Trotter, in mint condition.

Original price was: £1,500.00.Current price is: £1,100.00.

As The Master (Chris Lythe is known here as The Master) points out, the Total Eclipse finish can be applied to any of his reels very occasionally, at his discretion. He goes on to say that they are unique, stunning, desirable and sought after. Who am I to argue?

We’re told it’s bad to have favourites but I’m as flawed as the next person and I like reels made by Chris Lythe, Allcock and JW Young from pre-1939, the occasional Slater. As Chris Lythe is still making reels and doing so to a higher standard than anyone at any time since Onesimus Ustonson walked the earth, he is to centre pins what Ari Hart was to fly reels or Laurence Waldron is to fly tying vices.

This is a 4″ x ⅞” Scotton Trotter with the rare and special Total Eclipse finish – slate grey back plate, natural alloy spool, two tone horn handles. It’s really very lovely indeed. Subtle, tasteful and perfectly executed in every way. This is an example of proper engineering with phenomenal attention to detail and sound design. No turd was polished in the making of this reel.

I haven’t timed how long it spins for because I was getting bored but it spins without deviation and in perfect silence. The spool weighs 109 grammes and the whole reel weighs 237 grammes. It will trot your float and cast your bottom bait with reliable efficiency for decades -centuries even.

The spool hub is phosphor bronze, the spokes, line pins and handle spindles are nickel silver. The foot is brass. The spindle, check wheel, check pawl and check spring are steel.

The reel comes in its tailor made embroidered pouch with drawstring closure.