Chris Yates Landing Net made by the E. Barder Rod Co in 2014.

№ 3 of a limited edition of six. In as-new unused condition. Is there a more beautiful net than this? Of course not.


This is from our last ever special limited edition of these beautiful and functional all bamboo nets.

As the accompanying pictures illustrate, this is a very special net indeed. Very challenging to build, strikingly good looking. Can you imagine a more evocative image than a fine late season carp resting safely in its knotless meshes? The fish, the mottled bamboo under its warmly glowing varnish, the fugitive scent of wood smoke from a fire of sweet chestnut, the air cooling as the sun sets, the promise of a pint or two in the pub and a good natured fight with the locals after last orders.

Ours is a beautiful, noble pastime. This net does justice to the fine art of carp fishing.

Here is the specification.

The Chris Yates net, as used by himself, has a 7’ circumference, measuring 30” by 25”, and is big enough for the hoped for monster.
The hand-planed flame tempered laminated Tonkin bamboo frame is fitted with a hand tied knotless mesh which has no seam at the bottom, so it expands to accommodate the fish. The 1” mesh size allows the free passage of water, thus reducing drag.
The specially machined and profiled brass block is engraved with the maker’s details, and polished to a high finish. It is secured to the frame with flush-fitting stainless steel screws.
The 6’ detachable handle is made from seasoned, tempered and bored-out Tonkin bamboo. It is straightened, beautifully mottled, and impeccably varnished. There are brass fittings at each end, with a rubber button fitted to the butt. The handle comes in a fitted bag with a hanging loop and like the rods, each net is issued with a signed certificate of ownership.