Chris Yates ‘The Bishop’ 11′ 2-piece carp rod.

Completed in 2019, this rod is in unused new condition.


This Bishop was specially commissioned from us in 2017 and completed in 2019. Circumstances have prevented its owner from being able to use it so we are offering it in original new condition.

I am very proud of this rod, although I’m told pride is considered a sin in some circles. Chris Yates and I developed it in 1989-1990 and it has been a steady success ever since. So much so in fact that it’s not a model that comes up for sale very often. Episcopates are rather possessive. That’s probably another sin, like covetousness. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s Bishop.

Life’s complicated enough without worrying about all that though so let’s focus on what’s important. The Chris Yates Bishop is the best contemporary split cane carp rod there is.

It has a progressive action- plenty of power but not overly stout and hefty in the tip. I use mine with 8 lb line for floater fishing in open water, and with 12 lb line in weed or where large fish and snags are present. It’ll cast very light bait/tackle combinations but it won’t mind if you insist on a lead of an ounce and three quarters. But what would you be doing with one of those on your line- barbel fishing? Actually, it does make a very, very good rod for big barbel too.


I made the blank from flame tempered hand split Tonkin bamboo. The strips were straightened by hand, as were the nodes. The strips were then milled and assembled to a tolerance of +/- one thousandth of an inch. This is a perfectly straight, precisely built rod.

The handle fittings are finely knurled nickel silver. The 26″ handle has an onion shaped top and is hand turned Flor grade cork.

The nickel silver ferrule is waterproof, splint end, blued & lacquered and fitted with its hand turned olive wood stopper.

Rings are hard chrome plated stainless steel bridge pattern, with Amberfin butt and tip rings. A hook keeper ring secured with a hand-forged nickel sliver strap is fitted above the handle.

Whippings are very dark Royal Blue Elephant Silk, saturated with varnish and now evolving, as the varnish takes on an amber hue, into a dark jade colour. Rather like pre-1939 Farlows rods. Most attractive. Tippings are super-fine scarlet.

The rod has a flawless hand-applied marine grade varnish finish. Its Indian ink inscription includes the year 2019.

It comes in its tailor made bag.