Chris Yates’s wicker creel.

This creel appeared in every scene in A Passion For Angling. It had its own agent, makeup department, trailer and publicist.


Well, maybe not its own trailer. It had to make do with a tent like the rest of the cast. Still, it was featured in every scene in A Passion For Angling, the only significant item of fishing tackle to be so omnipresent.

It also appears in the book and film The Secret Carp, the book Falling In Again and in numerous other articles and books written by Chris Yates.

I’m not sure when Chris acquired this creel but it’s very well made and it served him faithfully until he was given a new Crown Creel by a friend. At this point, he was persuaded to sell his famous creel and the letter of provenance shown in the accompanying illustration provides details.

The strap bears the faint Chris Yates signature. The creel itself, made from whole rather than split willow, is in sound condition and is perfectly usable. The pigskin hinges and fastening strap are also in good order.

As you will know, a creel -this creel- was as essential to Chris Yates as his rod, reel and landing net. It carried his tackle, food and drink, his camera, and it was his seat. This unique item is a super piece of angling history not to be missed.