Barder Rod Co 10’ #4/5-weight 4-piece model № 4120-4/5 carbon fibre fly rod.

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The ten foot rod has finally come of age, and quite rightly in our opinion. Today’s superb carbon fibre construction and refined taper designs have made a dream come true. Now we can enjoy the superior line control that a long rod offers, with the accuracy that the long rods of old never quite achieved.

We are usually reluctant to rate a rod for more than one weight of line, but the blank we have built this rod on has such a delightfully progressive taper that it really does work with a four as well as a five-weight line. Paired with the #4 it is light, brisk and super-accurate. It performs deftly at all ranges, does not bounce due to under-loading and is in all respects an exemplary dry, wet and nymph rod.

Paired with a #5-weight line, the blank loads more fully and one gets a great sense of the reserves of power in the lower third of the rod. At sensible fishing ranges (we regard about 15 yards as a maximum with this class of rod. It’s possible to cast further, but at the expense of effective line control and fishing hooking efficiency) there is no sense that the rod is over-loaded or running out of steam. It retains its ability to deliver accurate casts, the fly line’s loop formation remains tight and a respectably high line speed is easily achieved when required.

In its #5-weight guise, the rod will handle teams of flies and nymphs, larger flies and windy conditions. There are numerous scenarios where this versatile and elegant rod would be invaluable, both on rivers and lakes.


The 4-piece 10’ blank is built from very high quality carbon fibre. As with all of our carbon rods, we have hand finished the carbon and applied our proprietary urethane finish, which seals and protects the carbon without any build-up or added weight. The finish is a satin/low gloss.

The guides are the best ever made in our careful opinion –Snake Brand’s Universal lightweights, with a black nickel finish. The stripping guide is hand-made with a highly figured Brazilian agate centre mounted in a nickel silver frame –very beautiful and completely functional.

Whippings throughout are Pearsall’s Gossamer pure silk, fully saturated in high grade yacht varnish for permanent flexibility and durability. We do not use any two part finishes on our rods.

The very subtle Wells-style handle is made from Flor grade Portuguese cork. We select half inch corks, slice them in two and only use the best half.

The reel seat metal work and shoulder collar at the handle’s top are finely machined and knurled Titanium, polished by hand to a finish akin to fine Georgian silver. The real seat spacer and joint protectors are made from highly finished Tuscan olive wood.

The rod comes in a tailor made bag fitted with a tip protector. The protective aluminium rod tube has a textured slate-coloured finish with superbly turned and engraved fittings.

All components and finishing work are made & finished by Edward Barder and Colin Whitehouse to exactly the same standards that they apply to their world famous split bamboo rods.

You’ll find the build quality, elegance and performance of this rod extremely satisfying.