Richard Carter 4 ½” x ¾” Aerial Gem № 49 Right Hand Wind.

In mint condition, this is reel № 49 of Richard's production total of 262 Aerial Gems.

Original price was: £850.00.Current price is: £750.00.

Perfect for barbel, chub and perch. Ideal for float fishing for tench. I mean this.

The 4 ½” x ¾” format enables rapid retrieval of line. There’s no line guard and it’s nicely set up for Wallis casting. The drum’s solid back plate and close tolerance fit will prevent ground bait, dirt and water from getting into the reel’s inner works. This, it has to be said, is a problem with 12 spoke Aerials. Not so with 6 spoke reels like this one.

The quality of manufacture is exceptional even by Richard Carter’s (Rolls Royce trained) standards. All the drum components are nickel silver. The check work is hardened steel and brass. The anodising of the back plate and drum is really deep and fine.

The handles are made from genuine cow horn. This is possibly the only Carter reel I’ve seen with this feature. I once bought a sack of cow horns (I can’t remember why. Perhaps I wanted something to gnaw on in those days of hunger) and I know I gave some to Paul Witcher. I may well have given the rest to Richard. Anyway, horn handles. A nice point of interest and rarity. Good stuff too. My 4″ Coxon Aerial has nice horn handles and it’s well over a hundred years old.

The number 49 is hand engraved onto the inner face of the reel foot’s mounting.

Please note: The check is set up for Right Hand Wind with the lever to the reel’s front when mounted on a rod. It’s the work of a few seconds to flip the pawl over and it’ll be Left Hand Wind if you prefer, although the check lever will then be to the reel’s rear when it’s mounted on a rod.

Richard’s reels didn’t come in a pouch so we’ve had one made to measure from our khaki rod bag material by our seamstress. It was delivered today. It’s a lovely finishing touch.

This is a very superior, good looking and preeminently practical Aerial centre pin reel that will outlast all of us. They are scarce and in this instance, very attractively priced!