The Barder Rod Co Chris Yates Landing Net c2008

In exceptional condition. The best carp net ever!


I suspect that this net may have been used once or twice, judging by the odd trace of bankside mud on the mesh. There doesn’t appear to be any fish slime on it, so it may not yet have been christened with a fish. This is where you come in!

I was tempted to polish the brass fittings back to their original mirror finish, but they have taken on that pleasing patina that slightly tarnished brass has, so I’ve left them as they are. If you’d rather have them polished, you may have the job done with our compliments.

This is the same model and vintage of Chris Yates net that I use for my carp and pike fishing. It works outstandingly well in every respect, and rather annoyingly, all any passerby ever wants to talk about is the net. They don’t ask about the rod, the fishing, the weather, how my health is, nothing. Just the bloody net!

But then again, of the hundreds (no exaggeration) of nets we’ve made, this one may have the most strikingly beautiful handle of all. Just look at that mottling! Well, in the flesh, because the accompanying pictures don’t do it justice. Look, the best thing to do is to call me up, buy the net and then see how it exceeds all of your expectations when you come to collect it.

Here is the technical information from our 2011 catalogue:

Designed and built at the request of the late Bernard Venables, these pear-shaped nets are vastly superior to all other types. There are no moving parts to fail, and no infuriating draw cord to fold up or snag at the critical moment. With a 6’ circumference, measuring 26” front-to-back and 21” side-to-side, all but the largest fish can be landed comfortably.

The Chris Yates version, as used by him, has a 7’ circumference, measuring 30” by 25”, and is big enough for the hoped for monster.

The hand tied knotless mesh has loops at the top, which are fastened in the holes around the frame by a flush-fitting cord. There is no seam at the bottom of the mesh, so it expands to accommodate the fish. The 1” mesh size allows the free passage of water, thus reducing drag.

Only the best straight-grained ash is used for the frame, which is permanently impregnated with a waterproof resin, and given a hand-rubbed satin finish. The specially machined and profiled brass block is engraved with the maker’s details, and polished to a high finish. It is secured to the frame with flush-fitting stainless steel screws.

The 6’ detachable handle is made from seasoned, tempered and bored-out Tonkin bamboo. It is straightened, beautifully mottled, and impeccably varnished. There are brass fittings at each end, with a rubber button fitted to the butt. The handle comes in a fitted bag with a hanging loop.

All pre-owned items of Barder Rod Co tackle supplied by us are issued with a specially printed and individually signed and dated certificate of ownership.