The Chris Yates Carp Landing Net made by the Barder Rod Co in 2000.

In mint condition, this superb net is an especially nice example.


The Chris Yates Carp Net doesn’t come up for sale very often. We last made one in 2015. This is an early version of the impregnated frame type that we developed when we wanted to fix the mesh to the frame via a cord let into a groove in the frame.

The Y-shaped block is one of the original naval bronze versions, which are particularly nice. The handle has unique (to this model) and very attractive chestnut and black jasper whippings at each end.

The handle fittings are brass and the screws and connecting bolt are stainless steel.

The mesh is knotless and has no seam at the bottom so it stretches to the length of the fish.

In use, this net floats. The mesh allows for the free passage of water. The result is a net that makes the landing of carp much easier. By comparison, a conventional net with its fine mesh and flexible arms is painfully tiresome to lift through the water. I tried such a net in order to spare my Yates net from wear and tear. Silly me! I now use my Yates net exclusively.

I think this is the best carp net there is. Practical, superbly well made and very, very good looking. A classic cane-based carp fishing outfit isn’t complete without one. Go for it!

I’m trying out contemporary expressions.


6′ flame tempered and straightened Tonkin bamboo handle. Brass fittings, engraved with the maker’s details and attractively whipped. The finish is flawless marine grade varnish.

Naval bronze Y-shaped block, engraved with the model details and fitted with stainless steel screws.

The straight grained, impregnated ash frame is perfectly formed and permanently waterproof. The 1″ knotless mesh is secured to the frame via a continuous cord let into a groove.

The Chris Yates net, as used by him, has a 7’ circumference, measuring 30” by 25”, and is big enough for the hoped for monster without being in any way cumbersome.

The handle has its tailor made bag.