The Constable Wallop Brook 6’9” #4-weight fly rod.

2-piece, staggered ferrule. Built by Edward Barder c1993 on Constable cane. In exceptional condition.

This is a superb, smooth action lightweight fly rod of great class and practicality. It can be quite tricky to find a sound and effective split cane brook rod. This one fits the bill very nicely indeed. Its understated and elegant looks sit well within the environment where it’ll be used. The famous angler and author Brian Clarke treasures his 6’9″ Wallop Brook and we had the pleasure of servicing it for him a few years ago.


6’9” staggered ferrule format –tip 50” & butt 31”- using select Constable split cane.

Constable splint end waterproof ferrule & split cane extension stopper.

Constable alloy butt cap and sliding reel band mounted on an all cork spacer.

Cigar shaped cork handle.

Hard chrome plated stainless steel American twist snake guides, matching tip ring and Amberfin lined butt ring.

Whipped in varnish impregnated transparent Pearsall’s silk, with fine dark blue tippings & matching ferrule whippings.

Indian ink inscription: Constable’s Wallop Brook 6’9” #4. Barder Rod Co. 1993.

Tailor made bag with hanging loop.

Fitted heavy duty alloy case with brass fittings.