The ‘Ultimate’ Chris Yates Carpcrawler c1998.

Signed by Chris Yates, this was the last Carpcrawler made by the Barder Rod Co as a catalogued model.


100″ of pure magic!

This 8’4″ Carpcrawler was the last one we made as a catalogued model. Thereafter, we made some variants to special order.

The Indian ink inscription above the handle is: The ‘ultimate’ Chris Yates Carpcrawler. E Barder Maker 1998.

Above the hook keeper ring, Chris Yates wrote his signature directly onto the split cane.

This is a unique and extra special rod in phenomenal condition. The specification is absolutely superb and wasn’t duplicated on any other Carpcrawler. Every effort was made to ensure that the build of the rod was of the very highest order and it has a lifetime of use ahead of it.

This is such a versatile model. Of course, it’s ideal for stalking carp, or barbel, chub, big perch, tench, trout (special trout that are huge and impossible to cast a fly at, of course) or whatever you find that lives in overgrown places and causes your pulse to quicken.

Also, at 8’4” long with its progressive action and line rating of 8 – 10 lbs, it’s naturally the most wonderful rod for spinning, plug casting and wobbling deadbaits. In short, the versatile angler with catholic tastes will get a lot of use from it. With its flame tempered vintage bamboo, Amberfin rings throughout, lightweight pliant handling and the Master’s signature, what more could possibly ask for from a fine quality hand-made split cane rod?

Oh all right then, if you insist. I wasn’t going to mention it, but it’s got a very, very rare 1” diameter red rubber button. They’re usually 1¼” diameter, sometimes even 1½”, but almost never 1” (I’ve got some 2″ beauties if anyone’s interested).


8’4” 2-piece –the standard was 8’3”. Precision built flame tempered split cane with hand straightened and pressed knots. The bamboo was purchased from Oliver’s of Knebworth. Over several years, I bought most of their stock, which they’d acquired from Edgar Sealey of Redditch decades earlier. Fabulous stuff and about fifty years old by the time I tempered and split it.

Amberfin lined bridge rings throughout (unique to this rod), with a hook keeper ring secured by a hand-forged nickel silver strap.

All whippings are Perivale Imperial silk, shade 375, tipped with Pearsall’s Gossamer silk shade 6A, impregnated with yacht varnish. They are transparent, permanently waterproof and flexible.

The rod has an impeccable and unblemished yacht varnish finish.

The nickel silver splint end ferrule is waterproof, has a reinforcing barrel and a blued & lacquered finish. The fit is perfect and firm. The hand-turned Olive wood and cork stopper is in place.

The 22½” handle has a mushroom shaped top, alloy shoulder collar, tapered butt cap and sliding reel bands –what were once known as universal winch fittings!

The rod comes in its tailor made bag with press stud fastenings and a pocket in the flap for the ferrule stopper.

The provenance and collectible qualities are remarkable enough but this is also a great rod. Fish it!