A fine pair.

How about a pair of Richard Walker MK IVs we made specially for Hardy’s Pall Mall shop in 2000?

Yes, you read that correctly. In 1998 we were commissioned to make eight exceptional & unique Richard Walker MK IVs for Hardy’s 61 Pall Mall shop. This was unprecedented. One person was so overcome with excitement that they walked into the shop, took rod number 7 from the rack and walked out with it. Saved themselves a load of money! London’s great isn’t it? Full of rotters. Never set foot in the place if I can help it.

Any road up, the late John Mason owned the last two available to paying customers -numbers 6 & 8. We are offering them to discerning (and paying) ladies and gentlemen. Please follow the link to our website.

We were in Pisa just before Christmas. That bell tower’s taken a bit of a set by the look of it.

The Arno was running at a nice height for catfishing but we were there for the culture and the grub. There’s a sort of Italian Banksy at work in Tuscany. Goes by the name of Blub. Last saw his work in Florence: a Vermeer-ish snorkeler. His Pisa piece is very down with the kids but still with the diver’s mask that’s his trademark. I reckon he’s a bit strano.

Like Banksy, nobody really knows Blub’s identity. It’s a shame. I’d like to get in touch and commission him to do all of our promotional artwork. It’d be quite easy. Just paint Richard Walker and Chris Yates wearing diver’s masks.

You may be growing suspicious of the rambling, discursive nature of this week’s note. ‘But Eddie, what’s Blub got to do with carp rods?’ Nothing much. Just fancied a change.

Nationwide, the conditions this weekend will favour chub fishing. Good luck from Edward, Colin and Lord Alfred.