You may own a Barder rod that you wish to sell. We would be pleased to help you with the process.
Our service is discreet and professional. Entrusting it to us, the vendor is saved all of the frustrations attached to the sale of a rod. They will be delighted by the appreciation on their investment and glad to know that the rod has gone to a good home.

All Barder Pre-Owned rods are advertised on our website, being listed on our Home page, our New & Pre-owned page and also having their own description and photos page. In addition we will also contact our extensive list of existing customers to ascertain their potential interest in the vendor’s rod.
As you will note from our News page, Barder Pre-Owned rods normally sell very quickly.

The new owner has the reassurance of buying a rod from its maker, with the best advice on all aspects of its utility and provenance.

Our service includes

  • A full appraisal of your rod, with advice on any maintenance or repair work that we might need to do to bring the rod up to its optimum condition and value.
  • You will receive a copy of our appraisal and valuation, and terms of business.

With your prior approval, we will carry out any works required, and sell the rod via our website and customer database. As soon as all aspects of the sale are concluded, we will send your money electronically or by cheque.

  • Our standard commission is 20%
  • The cost of works, if any are required, will also be deducted.
  • If you are unable to bring your rod to us or to arrange for its delivery, we can help to organise its collection.