Fly Rods - Carbon Fibre

We are as committed as ever to building the finest split cane rods, but we have always taken the view that certain raw materials have qualities especially suited to particular rod types, and no single material is perfect for every purpose. For rods over 9′ carbon fibre is simply a fabulous material.

We are delighted to offer a range of carbon rods that complements our split cane models.

These are rods for connoisseur of fine tackle who appreciates the very best in quality and performance. We build them on carefully selected blanks from CTS and others. 

We love to fish with well made, good looking and above all, functional rods. Lately, we’ve been making long, light carbon rods for grayling nymphing, ten footers for loch-style boat fishing, a nine foot #10-weight for a friend’s pike fly fishing. Great rods, and of course, all of them have been built with exactly the same fastidious attention to detail that we give to our bamboo rods.


All rods are 4-piece as standard but they can be ordered in 3-pieces if you prefer.

8’6″. Rods of this length can be made in #3, #4, #5 & #6-weight. The lighter line versions are superb light tackle precision instruments.

9’ #3-weight. Precise, with a forgiving tip. A superb light line rod for nymphs, spiders and dry flies.
9’ #4-weight. This may very well be the ultimate all-round dry fly rod where length is critical.
9’ #5-weight. Another all-rounder, suited to heavy nymphs and dries, lures and small still waters.
9’ #6-weight. An eminently practical rod for large rivers and smaller still waters.       

9′ #7-weight & 9′ #8-weight. For specialized still water and river fishing (trout, seat trout, salmon, pike) as well as salt water for bass, bone fish and other exciting creatures.

9’#9-weight. Powerful but progressive, for pike and salt water fly fishing.
9’ #10-weight As above, but with even more authority.

9’6” #6-weight. A superb rod for still water bank fishing.

10’ #2-weight. This is a highly specialised close range nymphing tool –very sensitive & forgiving, but not floppy.
10’ #3-weight. Like the #2-weight, this rod is suitable for leader only nymphing, as well as conventional casting.
10’ #4-weight. This is a great favourite of mine, as a long all-rounder for nymphing, spiders and dry flies.
10’ #5-weight. Modern carbon makes this long but accurate rod sublime for rivers, & dry flies on still waters.
10’ #6-weight. My favourite length and line rating for loch-style fishing on large bodies of water.
10’ #7-weight. The standard for reservoirs & other big waters, this rod handles floating & sunk lines equally well.


Barder Carbon rods are built to order. The handle shape and reel seat options include:

Cigar, half or full Wells handle, with or without an extension butt. Only the best Flor grade Portuguese cork is used for handles. Each ½” disc is cut in two; only the best half is used. Our handles are turned to an exceptionally fine, firm and velvety finish.

Nickel Silver or Titanium down-locking sliding reel band/but cap with a highly figured Olive wood spacer.
Nickel Silver or anodised aluminium up-locking threaded fittings with a highly figured Olive wood spacer.

Guides are Snake Brand Universal. These are the highest quality and most efficient snake guides we have ever come across. The black nickel coated light wire guides are used for lighter line rods from #2 to #5-weight. Heavier rods use the standard wire guides, either hard chrome plated or hard chrome plated with a black nickel finish. Snake Brand tip rings are fitted to match the guides.

Butt rings (stripping guides) are either nickel silver with highly figured Brazilian agate centres, or Fuji Sic, depending on the rod and your preference.

Whippings are typically dark tan, varnish-saturated for flexibility and over-coated with successive coats of marine varnish for a slim, elegant finish.

Hand turned Olive wood joint protectors are fitted as standard.

Each rod has a tailor made bag and a very superior heavy duty Barder Rod Co aluminium case.

A signed and dated certificate of ownership is issued with each rod.

Prices & Ordering

Prices for 2019

Rods with nickel silver and Olive wood down-locking sliding band and butt cap reel seats. £900
Rods with titanium and Olive wood down-locking sliding band and butt cap reel seats. £1,000
Rods with up-locking anodised alloy or nickel silver and Olive wood reel seats. £950 – £1,000

“It is the business of the wealthy man
To give employment to the artisan.”

– Hilaire Belloc’s Lord Finchley

How to order

All orders must be accompanied by a ⅓ non-refundable deposit. The balance is due on completion. Orders from outside the UK must be paid in UK pounds.
Payment may be made by electronic transfer, debit card, cheque to E. Barder Rod Co, cash in UK pounds, Visa or Mastercard. E Barder Rod Co bank details for payments will be supplied on request.


On average, the cost of carriage, packing and in-transit insurance is £50 – £60. We will advise on shipping costs to countries outside the UK upon request.
We are not responsible for any import duties that may apply outside the UK.