A good read.

‘Have you read Tom Fort’s latest book? It’s brilliant! Even the Introduction’s superb. I usually skip them, but this one’s worth the asking price on its own!’
-Chris Yates

Casting Shadows book cover

We all know that there are far too many books about fishing. Very few of them are much good. This one, Tom Fort’s latest, really is as good as Chris Yates says. He phoned me the other day to tell me about it. He was very excited and so should you be. It’s available now on the internet.

And now for a confession. On page 279 of Tom’s book there’s a photo of a boathouse and landing stage on the lower river Loddon. This is where Tom Fort’s fishing life began. Mine too. He’ll have sharp words with me when he reads this extract from my forward to David Petty & Dave Watson’s One Man One Rod:

I remember finding two or three very dusty, cobwebby B. James rods leaning up in the corner of my grandparents’ boathouse. Assuming them to be family property I asked if we could fish with them, only for my father to tell me, rather crushingly I thought, that they belonged to the Fort boys, and would therefore be totally clapped out. Knowing what I do about the three fishing Fort boys, now distinguished gentlemen gracefully approaching the last lap of life’s race, I can see that my father’s judgement was sound.

Thank you Tom for giving us such a stimulating read while we’re barred from the riverbank. Happy reading to you all.