Barbus Maximus.

I look at the weir pool here at Ham Mill and wonder, are there still great big barbel beneath the surging flood? Would that I still had a MK I Barbus Maximus to test the water with. I’m just a poor artisan -you know that. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I can’t aspire to anything fancy.

But you can. You must! You paid attention at school, worked hard and refuse to accept the Marxist idea that a man doesn’t need more than one fishing rod. So how about treating yourself this Christmas to the superb №3 Chris Yates Barbus Maximus MK I. As good as new and one of a limited edition of 21.

Or perhaps you’d prefer to wait until the water temperature has risen above the critical 44°, below which barbel are reluctant to feed on your new and very à la mode vegetable-based bait -saffron infused cauliflower (No cheating mind. It’s got to be saffron, not turmeric). One of the two other, younger c1997 Barbus Maximus MK Is we have would be the perfect tool.

While we’re on the subject of perfect tools, if you don’t buy them as a pair, due to some temporary and abhorrent lapse of largesse, you could select the other one (pictured below) which was made at the same time from the same pair of bamboo poles. The only things that differentiate them are the tops of their handles.

What is the nominative masculine plural of Barbus Maximus, you’ll be wondering. It’s a big question and one that has caused many cultured and sensitive anglers to fret something rotten. Anyway, who says that the plural of Barbus Maximus has to be masculine? Sure, it used to be, but why not feminine or neuter? It’s a free country. For now.

If you buy one of our magnificent classic barbel rods, I can give you answers. I’m here to help.

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Maxime respicit,

Edward Barder