Barder Rod Co new website

Edward Barder cordially invites you to visit his new website.

Barder Rod Co 8’ fly rod.

Within it you will find some pleasant surprises, some faintly controversial ventures into man-made fibres and a list of immediately available fine fishing tackle of such tempting loveliness that I should probably feel uneasy about bringing it to your attention.

Barder Rod Co 8½’ fly rod c2007.

Alongside our beautiful split cane, you will find a complimentary range of carbon fibre rods. We have a couple of fibreglass brook rods in the making. We’ll tell you about them in the New Year.

Barder Rod Co 10’ carbon fibre fly rod.

Our stock of exceptional pre-owned rods, reels and landing nets includes examples by the Barder Rod Co, Tom Moran, Hardy-Moran, B. James & Son, Ogden Smith, Chris Lythe and others.

Hardy-Moran 8’ fly rod c2013.

Our new website is regularly updated and enriched with artisanal goodness so it’s worth keeping an eye on.