Boots, bamboo and Pugno

My wading boots are not beautiful but the firm that made them has produced a film, Pugno, that’s a small masterpiece. I guarantee that you will be profoundly moved by it.

Take a look under my boots for a link. It runs for about twenty minutes.

Patagonia boots

Click to see film

Of course, we have our own tradition of artisanal fixed line angling. Here’s Deane enjoying the contemplative man’s recreation with a hand-made bamboo rod and a simple twisted line. I hope he’s practicing catch and release.

Deane MacEwan

We can’t help you with long bamboo poles and twisted horse hair lines, but we’d love to discuss your requirements for something in split cane. We’ll even include a fitting to which you may attach a line winding engine.

Until next time, stay well and look after yourselves.