The Barbus Maximus MKII

The Barbus Maximus MKII

Carp, Barbel & Avon Rods – Split Cane

Description: 2 piece 11 foot barbel rod
Reel lines: 6 – 8 lbs. breaking strain
Maximum casting weight: 1 oz
Test curve: 1.5 lb.

The first cane rod of the modern era to be designed specifically for barbel fishing, this rod is beautifully balanced, sensitive, and has all the refined power one is likely to need. Notwithstanding the plethora of inert tubular lightning rods, we firmly believe that this is the paragon of barbel rods.

Current barbel record holder Steve Curtin christened his new Barbus Maximus in January 2004 with a magnificent barbel weighing 18 lbs 6 oz (read full story).

As the specification shows, the Barbus Maximus is also a very effective light carp rod, where circumstances allow.

The 24″ handle has an onion-shaped top.

“The new rod was an absolute delight; it had the power I needed, yet also the necessary sensitivity to allow me to judge perfectly when to bring pressure to bear. And tho it was too dark to see exactly where the fish was at any given time, the rod knew precisely its position. I was always in touch”
Chris Yates writing to Edward Barder about the Barbus Maximus rod