The Bishop

The Bishop

Description: 2 piece 11 foot carp rod
Reel lines: 10 -12 lbs. breaking strain
Maximum casting weight: 2.5 oz
Test curve: 1.75 lb.

Christened in honour of the 51 lb. pound carp caught in 1980 by Chris Yates caught from the Redmire Pool (Herefordshire, UK), this really is the last word in carp rods. Although the Walker MK IV is wonderful, we felt that a newly designed rod would be a great asset in certain situations.

The Bishop’s length makes setting a hook at the end of a long line easier and it also helps to pluck line from the surface film when fishing with a float or a floating bait.

The power and resilience arising from its unique compound taper design will always cushion the line and inspire confidence when you hook leviathan.

The 26″ handle has an onion-shaped top.