The Richard Walker MK IVs

The Richard Walker MK IVs

Carp, Barbel & Avon Rods – Split Cane

Coarse rods: The Richard Walker MK IVs
Description: 2 piece 10 foot rods
Reel lines: 8 – 10 lbs. breaking strain (Carp model), 3 – 6 lbs. breaking strain (Avon model)
Maximum casting weight: 1.5 oz (Carp model), 1 oz (Avon model)
Test curve: 1.5 lb. (Carp model), 1 lb. (Avon model)

In the absence of a commercially available rod to suit his requirements, the late Richard Walker set about designing and building the rod he wanted. Completed in 1951, it was less than two years before he used it to land his forty four pound carp from Redmire pool.

For nearly fifty years, Walkers MK IV rods have been used by thousands of anglers, to great effect. Historically, it is probably the most successful rod ever designed. Indeed, in 1980, using an original Walker-built Avon, Chris Yates landed his 51 lb record carp from Redmire pool.

The MK IV has enough heft in the tip to pre-load the rod when free-lining light baits, and to set large hooks. The action is powerfully smooth and forgiving through the middle, stiffening subtly to the handle, where there is ample reserve power.

The Carp has a 25″ handle, and the Avon has a 24″ handle. Both have a slim onion-shaped top.

“The MK IV is absolutely wonderful.  It is a thing of such beauty that it is hard to describe”

from Robert Pritchett Esq., London