Carp Fishing in the Twilight Zone

Carp fishing with a carbon fibre rod. Have you entered -The Twilight Zone?

Artist Pete Swift is a devotee of Frank Oates. Frank wrote and illustrated Match Fishing. How To Join The Ranks Of The Experts. He was a very accomplished angler. His book is worth the £7 it’ll cost you for the illustrations alone. They are -what, idiosyncratic? Pete’s drawing of an observant carp angler is after Frank Oates.

But look, carp rods don’t have to be made from split cane. If it’s just you, the fish and acres of Canadian pond weed, carbon fibre’s the stuff.

This is a 10′ 2-piece carbon carp rod we completed recently. The blank was made in Liverpool, the rings were made in Studley and everything else was made here, by Colin and me. Not like those split cane rods, made from that Chinese bamboo.

Please call me on my Chinese-made Apple iPhone (07770 575 254) to discuss the carp rods you’d like us to build for you, whether from this Liverpudlian carbon or that Chinese bamboo. Don’t say Huawei and remember- like the carp, you’re being watched.

Best of luck when you go fishing and until next time, stay well and look after yourselves,