Carp Rods & Flemish Giants

Richard Walker

Famous for rods, record carp and the sacred Bomb of Arlesey, right? Well yes, up to a point Lord Copper.

One’s rod cupboard isn’t properly stocked unless there’s a fine MK IV in it. Richard Walker’s rod is so famous, so iconic.

I can say that things are iconic now. When my old Dad still roamed the land, it was forbidden. An icon, he maintained, was a religious painting from the Russian Orthodox Church. He was wrong of course, but we let him have his way and so in our family, paintings depicting various feats of thaumaturgy were icons, and carp rods weren’t.

Of all the split cane rods made in England and Scotland (and for all I know, in Wales), the MK IV carp rod is perhaps the most prolific. For heaven’s sake, after September the 13th 1952, we all went carp mad!

Despite the forest of split cane carp rods still swaying gently on the slopes and valley bottoms of this benighted island, one must hack a path through the thicket to get to the few really good ones. It’s very tricky. Leave it to me, please. You’ll only get yourself in a dreadful pickle if you try.

This one’s an absolute peach. Made by Oliver’s of Knebworth in the 1960s, it’s one of the finest pieces of bamboo craftsmanship you’ll ever see.

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Or how about this one?

Made in 1953 by B. James & Son, it’s got impeccable credentials and remains in superb original condition.

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But look, this isn’t all about you. I’ve sorted out your immediate carp rod requirements and now I need to ask for your help. Sure, I’m a Richard Walker carp rod fan, but it’s his rabbits that I really get worked up about. To be exact, his first title, published by Idle in 1947 –

The Book Of The Flemish Giant Rabbit.

Tina cooks rabbit to perfection. I thought we could start to breed our own. Big ones, you know, because I eat a lot and at Christmas it would make a nice change. Others have written about the Flemish Giant but it’s the Walker I want. I desperately need a copy of this book. Can’t find one anywhere. I’m prepared to pay handsomely. There’s even a note pad for Flemish Giant fans, so I’m not alone.

I think this is taking it a bit too far, frankly.

Well, it’s too cold to do much except fish for pike or chub. I suppose grayling too, if you’ve got some antifreeze. Stay in and search the shelves of your library for Richard Walker’s rabbit book. You know you’ve seen it somewhere, probably between the Cartlands and the Cervantes. Call me when you find it!