Easter Sale.

Here’s a nice egg for Easter.

This was the best egg available in 1973. It went like this:

Now you’re here and now you’re Gong
And now you’re back where you belong
Meet the wizard of the keys
And he’ll reveal the mysteries
Of Angels’ Eggs and Octave Doctors
Radio Gnome and Love Projectors
Then he’ll point up in the sky
You will see the Teapots flying

Those were simpler times, when Gong could live in a commune in France and write this sort of thing. The young Richard Branson released their album on his Virgin label. You could buy a high class split cane rod for twenty five pounds. It wasn’t all good though. Edward Heath’s government introduced the three day working week and scheduled electricity cuts, coal miners went on strike and there was an Arab oil embargo. I remember it well. I’ve had a fondness for candlelit dinners ever since.

Still, we’re celebrating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead so let’s not be too gloomy. Why not treat yourself to one of the attractively priced items in my Easter sale.

Milk or Dark?

This Wallis Wizard is, well, wizard. Please click on the image for more information and select either praline or caramel.

100% Cocoa

This Richard Carter Aerial is a Gem, literally. Please click on the image for more information and select nut crunch.

Trout & Almond.

Please click on the images for more information.

A pair of nets, like a box of chocolates with two layers, is going to be too much, so take one each and no squabbling over the orange creams.

With best wishes for the Easter holiday,
Edward Barder & Colin Whitehouse