Keep Searching For Happiness

Spring isn’t here yet and you haven’t quite finished with the grayling, pike, chub and perch. On a bright day like this you might think they’ve finished with you though.

What you need is a Kennet Perfection. How fortunate that we have just the thing. Look here!

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James is a lucky lad. I’ve got one fly rod that we made years ago. I had to buy it second hand. Being a split cane rod maker, even a famous and very grand one, is about as well paid and easy on the knees as being a Victorian chimney sweep’s apprentice. You think I’m joking.

You, dear reader, are not in the soot business and your castle boasts many chimneys. Keep looking at my website. You will enjoy the waxing and waning of our stock of goods and who knows, you might even commission a new rod from us. They can’t be rushed but they are, I’m told, a source of happiness.

Good luck for the remainder of the winter season.

Edward, Colin and Lord Alfred