Mitchell Reels Book

I’ve taken a little walk in the countryside.

The facilities are – different. Still, I bring you news.

This is THE book for people who are interested in the Mitchell reel.

Ten of them were available, now there are nine, because I’m very interested in Mitchell reels so I’ve retained a copy.

The illustrations are exceptional and the research impeccable. The text is lucid and digestible. I’ve grown up with books about collecting things. My father used to write books about antique clocks. Many specialised books are dreadful. This one is superb. You can’t take a keen interest in Mitchell reels and NOT have a copy of this book.

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Speaking of reels, I’ve got a superb selection. No, not superb, unparalleled. Not to be missed. Same with the rods. Incredible quality and value. You’ve been listening to the news, reading the papers. Look, between the media and the politicians, a right old bollocks is being made of things and it’s upsetting you. Putting you off your usual pleasurable purchases. Don’t let it. Most of it’s rubbish, or exaggerated. Click on the picture below and you will be transported to my emporium of joy.

Chris Lythe recommends watching television through the spinning spool of a centrepin reel. Such things he must have seen in Scotton. A true visionary!

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It’s the August Bank Holiday weekend. Why not buy yourself some of the finest fishing tackle available to humanity and then drink some Pimm’s.

With best wishes from Edward, Colin and Lord Alfred