No More Heroes Any More?

Of course there are!

Richard Walker, Chris Yates, Chris Lythe. You’ve probably got posters of the first two on your bedroom wall. Mum’s moaning about the marks the Blu Tack is leaving on the wallpaper. Posters of Chris Lythe are harder to come by but he’s a hero too, for making the best Aerial style centrepins and for telling me that using a particular make of abrasive pad to finish metal work was, in his words ‘Like polishing it with a kitten.’ Absolute poetry.

Available from the Barder Rod Co are some truly superb pieces of high class equipment with strong connections to these three.

A fabulous facsimile of Richard Walker’s MK IV to cast at that big carp with.

An unused and magnificent Chris Lythe centrepin to reel it in. No kittens were harmed in the manufacture of this reel.

A particularly good example of a Chris Yates net to land it in. I use one just like this. I’m not heroic but signed posters are available at a knock down price.

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