Edward Barder – Maker. 10′ Richard Walker MK IV Avon

Hand Made by Edward Barder in 1993.


So reads the Indian ink inscription on this absolutely delightful ten footer. It is in as near as makes no difference mint condition and I can’t think of a nicer river rod where chub and perch are the quarry. Come to that, it’s also the greatest type of rod for a whole lot of still and running water fishing where rod length doesn’t have to be extreme, and where the fish are of a sort that you can comfortably fit into the Bernard Venables landing net you’ve just bought from me.

Mind you, what about that Chris Yates, landing a fifty one pound carp on a MK IV Avon? It’s a versatile rod for sure, and it can manage all sorts of things at a push. Probably a nice rod for worming and spinning for sea trout and grilse. I bet it would cast a fair #7-weight fly line too.

An angling life without a decent MK IV Avon is a depressing prospect isn’t it. Here is the specification.

10’ 2-piece precision built blank made from flame tempered split cane.

Blued & lacquered splint end ferrules by Beatsons of Sheffield.

Tradtional hand-turned hardwood & cork ferrule stopper.

Hard chrome plated stainless steel bridge rings with a matching Amberfin tip ring and a hook keeper ring within the handle top whipping.

Burgundy silks whippings – varnish impregnated so they won’t fade, rot or crack.

Impeccably flawless yacht varnish finish.

24” long mushroom-topped cork handle.

Barder Rod Co machined and knurled alloy butt cap and sliding reel bands.

Red rubber button fitted to the butt cap.

Tailor made rod bag.

This is an elegant and finely appointed rod unadorned with any superfluous material. It is delightfully light and pliant – a really lovely and faithful interpretation of the Walker MK IV Avon.