Allcock Aerial model 7950-T9 4” wide drum c1924-1935.

The quintessential pre-1939 classic Aerial, especially for barbel, carp and other lusty fish. In outstanding condition.


I’ve thought about this reel a great deal and in my careful opinion this model, in this condition, rates as one of the great centrepins of all time.

A vintage Allcock Aerial in such outstanding condition is a rare find. The brasswork retains much of its original lacquer and apart from some silvering to the spool’s rim and back plate, the lead finish is intact and clean. The brass foot is unmarked and the Xylonite handles are particularly nice and turn freely.

I suspect that it’s had very little use since it was made, approximately ninety years ago.

As you’d expect from a tip-top Allcock Aerial, it runs so sweetly that you’ll be amazed. There’s absolutely no play or wobble in the spindle, the spool is perfectly, measurably true, and it spins completely silently, seemingly without any friction. Sadly, they really don’t make them like this any longer.

With its spool’s solid back plate, there is no concern about muck and rain getting into the reel’s inner works during fishing. It makes for a more rigid, stronger spool. I’d rank this, with its perfect core diameter, spool width and overall diameter, as THE classic reel for barbel fishing, and of course for any form of static float fishing, free lining or ledgering.

I don’t remember seeing a nicer looking or better example of this fairly uncommon and eminently fishable reel. Who knows, if your great grandson doesn’t drop it, it might well be spinning freely in 2100.


This model was introduced in 1924 and remained in production until 1935.

4” diameter 1¼” wide spool, six spokes, with eight hole ventilation to the spool’s outer flange. The spool back is solid.

All line pins and spokes are nickel silver. One spoke carries the tension regulator, the opposite spoke carries the spool release. The spool’s hub is brass.

The handles are free turning un-perished Xylonite.

The check wheel is hardened steel gauge plate.

The check is the V-spring type.

Unmarked and perfect brass foot secured with brass screws to the integral boss of the reel’s back plate.

The finely knurled brass check button is located on the back plate.

The back is stamped with the ‘Stag’ Regd. Trade Mark logo and beneath it is engraved: ALLCOCK “AERIAL”