B. James & Son ‘Richard Walker MK IV’ 10′ 2-piece carp rod.

Made c1953-4, this is a classic 'Trumpet handle' MK IV in superb original condition.


Have you seen the Avocet we’re offering? Well, this Richard Walker MK IV by the same maker is its companion. They are whipped with the same silk, have the same pattern of rings, share a handle shape and fittings, both are built on Southwell cane and I bet that they were made at about the same time. Uncanny, and lovely. Why not buy them as a pair?

This is the vintage of MK IV that B. James & Son produced when they’d got their transfers of Richard Walker’s signature and a few other details sorted out to Richard Walker’s satisfaction. It’s the one to have. This one has had a coat of marine grade varnish applied over its original finish, to seal in the goodness, as it were. I performed this task, so you can be confident that it was done properly. Now you can take the rod to your favourite carp water (perhaps not if it’s stuffed with fifties and Canadian pond weed though) and wonder at the magical power of 10 oz of hand made split bamboo, just as Richard Walker said he did when he used his to land a forty four pounder.


10′ 2-piece split cane blank made from flame tempered hand split, hand planed Tonkin bamboo by Bob Southwell, retaining all of its original resilience and steeliness. It is as true as the day it was completed.

The generously sized reinforced ferrules retain a snug fit and a nice patina to their blued and lacquered finish. The original walnut and cork stopper is in place.

Rings are clear Amberfin butt and tip with chromed steel bridge intermediates. The original hook keeper ring is in place above the handle.

The whippings are dark green silk throughout, with very fine and nicely graduated intermediates, all tied by Mrs Murgett, wife of well known London tackle dealer and angler Frank Murgett. The varnish finish is original and sound with no chips and the transfers are perfect. I have applied one coat of appropriate, natural resin-based marine grade varnish over the original finish, to preserve it and the rod as a whole.

The 26″ cork handle has a trumpet shaped top and aluminium fittings from W R Products of Shepherd’s Bush. The original one and a half inch red rubber button from the Mountford Rubber Company of Birmingham is in place.

The rod retains its original and very tidy cotton drill bag.