Barder Rod Co 10′ #6-weight 4-piece carbon fibre fly rod.

Custom built to the highest possible standard, in outstanding condition.

Original price was: £800.00.Current price is: £700.00.

This rod was custom built on a CTS blank by us in 2019. It has been used very lightly, as one can see from its impeccable condition. It would pass off as new, but for a few tiny, barely discernible marks on the finish.

The 10′ #6 format is just right for larger rivers, bank fishing lakes and fishing floating lines from a boat. When I’m not so miserably overworked as I am now, I like to boat fish a great deal. I nearly always use a ten footer with a #6 floating line. It’s one of the most sporting forms of fishing. I can picture it now. The steady 8 mph breeze causing the masts of the sailing boats to clink steadily against their sheets, the boat drifting through a nice easy wave, muscular trout rising all around, a team of scruffy flies lying temptingly in the surface film, waiting to be eaten. A bottle of Pol Roger in the cool bag, ready to celebrate the first fish brought to the boat.

Anyway, back at Ham Mill, we built this rod with a very subtle full Wells handle, a small extension butt to protect the reel and to give you a bit of extra purchase. The really superb up-locking reel seat is nickel sliver with a highly figured Olive wood spacer. There are hand-turned Olive wood joint stoppers to match.

The guides are Snake Brand Universals, whipped on with varnish impregnated tan Pearsall’s silk. The butt ring is a Fuji Sic, which is ideal for this sort of rod.

The tailor made bag has a stiffener/protector and the rod comes in its Barder screw capped aluminium tube.

If I didn’t already have one, I’d buy this rod for myself. It’s about £300 less than I’d charge to build one now and it saves you a wait of several months. Just the time of year for it too. Mayfly next month. Buzzers starting to pour off the big lakes. Tempting isn’t it.