Barder Rod Co 11’ 4-piece carbon all-rounder travel rod.

We custom built this very versatile travel rod to the highest possible specification. New, ex-stock.


We’ re so impressed with the 11′ 4-piece blank from Harrison of Liverpool that we decided to build a special deluxe all round travel rod on one.

You could happily use this rod for bait fishing for salmon, pike fishing, carp, bass, barbel, large chub and presumably, tiger fish, turbot and oh I don’t know, shad?

The handle, turned from the very best Flor grade Portuguese cork, has a very nice dual composite butt for durability and a salt water resistant down locking reel fitting with a figured olive wood spacer.

The rings are Fuji Sic throughout, whipped with chestnut silk. There is a hook keeper above the handle and the rod’s particulars are inscribed in white Indian ink.

The joints have hand turned olive wood and cork stopper and the rod comes in a tailor made bag and a Barder Rod Co aluminium travel tube.

It’s very light, has a tremendously sensitive yet powerful progressive through action and of course, it looks exceedingly classy.

A good rod to put in the car when you next travel to the Continent in the Bentley.