Barder Rod Co 6′ Tonkin bamboo landing net handle.

Made in 2009, this stunning handle, to which you can attach any net head you like, is in unused mint condition.

Original price was: £600.00.Current price is: £500.00.

The date of the UK tackle trade’s decision to standardise all threads to ⅜” BSF (British Standard Fine) is lost in the mists of time. What it means is that you can screw any net head you like onto this handle. Or if you prefer, you can screw a rod rest head onto it, or a little lopping blade. Maybe an electronic bit alarm. Sure, most of these things would be ridiculous on a landing net handle, but you could do it if, you know, you’d gone a bit Marcel Duchamp.

This handle is made from the very best quality Tonkin bamboo. Flame tempered, flame toned to give it our unique mottling and fully straightened, it is very strong, yet light. It is waterproofed and sealed so that it floats. The fittings are brass. The butt cap is engraved with our details and is fitted with a red rubber button. The finish is absolutely flawless hand-applied marine grade yacht varnish.

The handle comes in its original tailor made bag.

It is, quite simply, the best landing net handle ever made, and the most beautiful.

We no longer make them. You should have one. It’ll say a great deal to you, lying there on the bank, putting everything else in the shade as its warm tones glow through the varnish with an almost other worldly intensity. Shoals of curious fish will gather within netting distance. You won’t even need a hook on your line. It really is that attractive.