Barder Rod Co 8½’ #4-weight 3-piece 2-top fly rod c2016.

In mint unused as-new condition with its exceptional hand stitched English bridle leather case and titanium reel seat metalwork.


This is our model 31024. It has been stored correctly since its completion in 2016 and is in effect a new rod that has reposed in the dark while its varnish cured. It’s ready now. Just like good wine, it’s benefited from maturation. In this sense, it’s better than new and it’s available now.

It is built to our preferred and long established specification with the exception of its special order Titanium reel seat and handle metalwork. I trust that my rather amateur photography does it justice. Full technical information about this model is to be found here:

When we moved away entirely from derivative tapers and formulated our own, informed by our combined fly fishing experiences and that of our customers and friends (who we have refrained from referring to as our Pro Team), this was, along with its 8′ sister, our first outstanding success.

We sent the first example to a split cane rod dealer and connoisseur in America who had this to say about it: ‘Carefully I fitted the reel and threaded it through the exquisite guides.  I carefully navigated out the front door to the long section of lawn in front of my house.  I stripped off about 50′ of line and started false casting.  One word escaped my lips, wow.

      This rod is the finest I have ever picked up. Period.  If this is the taper you and your math friend figured out, do not lose it.  Not only is the entirety of the rod perfect, it also casts perfectly.  I was able to do anything I wanted it to do with ease.  The long wait for both of us was well worth it for me.  The rod is simply the most elegant piece of perfection I have laid hands on in the tackle business.  I could not be happier.’

If you like  a rod with length for reach, finesse and remarkable accuracy, attach a vintage Hardy LRH Lightweight to this one (loaded with a correctly AFTM rated #4 floater) and I guarantee that you’ll be entranced and delighted.

Eight and a half feet long for a #4 line. Light, poised, alive in your hand, roll casts beautifully. Puts your very small but not absurdly miniature fly on target at point blank range and up to 45 feet. You’re thinking about it now. You know just where you’ll use it. It’s a lovely rod for grayling too, and its titanium fittings do save a significant amount of weight.