Barder Rod Co 8½’ #5-weight 3-piece 2-top fly rod c2008.

In outstanding condition. Only the 2nd example of this popular model to come onto the market.


The only reason that this rod is not priced at £3,000 is because we’re scrupulously honest and know that it has been fished. The only evidence of this is the very slight silvering to the edge of the blued butt cap (often happens over the course of a couple of fishing trips). Everything else is flawless.

The hand stitched English bridle leather case, made by the late Don Smith, has a new lid because the original bore the owner’s initials.

As soon as I saw this rod, with its classic form and incredibly rare Bird’s Eye Olive Wood reel seat spacer, I thought ‘Shall I? I’ve got a few quid. I’ve always wanted one of these.’ I love longer three piece rods and I’m happy to use a #5-weight anywhere.’

But it wasn’t to be. It doesn’t do for the humble artisan to get ideas above his station and who am I to deny you the opportunity to own such a rod, fit only for a gentleman such as yourself, begging your pardon.

What’s it like? Smooth, accurate, versatile. 8’6″ really makes a difference to the amount  of reach and line control one has, so useful on our weedy streams, no longer manicured thank heavens. It roll casts and doubtless does all sorts of things beyond my ken that a fine Lordly angler is capable of. A snake roll, perhaps, or the Tango.

The compound taper tip is fine for accuracy (it flexes & recovers quickly without bounce) but has sufficient substance for durability. The middle has a convex taper that prevents it from collapsing when a longer line is aerialised and the butt, with its swell, firmly drives the rod throughout the casting stroke.

This isn’t a heavy rod, its handle is very comfortable and it’s easy to transport. Aesthetically & functionally it’s exceptional. This is a very popular model which doesn’t come up for sale very often. This is only the second one we’ve listed.

Much as I’d like to, I can’t buy it, but you could and should.


Split cane made from select, seasoned Tonkin bamboo, flame tempered by hand, grain split and straightened, before tapering to a tolerance of +/- one thousandth of an inch. Swelled butt, identical mirrored tips, perfectly straight and now seasoned to perfection.

Barder Rod Co Leonard pattern blued nickel silver ferrules. A perfect snug fit, with their olive wood and cork stoppers.

Exceptional flor grade cigar shaped cork handle -ergonomically perfect.

Barder blued nickel sliver reel seat and handle fittings, with a stupendous bird’s eye figured olive wood insert.

Bronzed (by me) Snake Brand guides with transparent varnish impregnated Pearsall’s Gossamer silk whippings, tipped dark tan.

A flawless hand  applied yacht varnish finish.

Tailor made bag and a hand stitched English bridle leather case with a heavy duty aluminium lining.