Barder Rod Co ‘The Wallis Wizard’ 11’ 3-piece whole & split cane Avon rod.

Made in 1994, this exceptional rod is in new unused condition.

Original price was: £2,000.00.Current price is: £1,800.00.

People often ask me why someone would order a rod that they don’t intend to use.  Well, it’s a bit like that time when you won a weekend with Catherine Deneuve. You’d just had dinner and the dishes needed doing but you couldn’t face saying- ‘Well Catherine love, these dishes won’t wash themselves. Pop your Marigolds on and give me a hand would  you.’ You left her on the chaise longue and gazed at her until it was time for her to go. A wasted opportunity perhaps, but at least it wasn’t you that messed up her hair. Back then, that was David Bailey’s job.

You see, everyone intends to use the rod they order from us, but sometimes, when they see it for the first time, they are so overcome with emotion that they can’t quite bring themselves to expose such a beautiful thing to the rough and tumble of fishing.

Anyway, it’s time for this rod to belong to someone who will cherish it but use it too, a bit like Catherine Deneuve’s Séverine did with Michelle Piccoli’s Henri Husson in Belle du jour, but with less panting.

This mint conditioned Barder Rod Co Wallis Wizard was made with a more contemporary action than the original Allcock and Hardy versions. Its action is far closer to an Avocet. It is a light rod, but very steely and crisp-feeling –a very good all-rounder with a classical appearance. The overall quality and refinement of this rod is exceptional. I really am struggling not to elope with it. ‘Blimey, we were really good back in 1994’ I mused immodestly when I saw it for the first time in twenty eight years. So light, so clean, elegant and functional. It’d be rude not to.


Hand-made split cane tip and middle, with a whole cane butt section. When this rod was made, we were still using our stock of really super whole cane that I’d acquired from Cliff Constable when he was living in Petts Wood.

Finely knurled aluminium handle fittings –the butt cap retains its red rubber button.

The traditionally shaped handle is a practical 22½” long instead of the 18” handles found on the original Wallis-style rods.

The ferrules are very nice blued and lacquered splint end suction type, made by Beatson’s of Sheffield. The hand-turned Poplar wood and cork stoppers are in place.

Rings are Sapphrite Laurels Europa hard chrome plated stainless steel stand-off –the best ever made, with an Amberfin tip ring and a very attractive ruby Agatine butt ring.

The whipping silk is Perivale Imperial shade 684 –dark green and varnish impregnated.

The rod is in its tailor made bag with press stud fastening and a pocket in the flap for the ferrule stoppers.

Although this rod is not close whipped (and was specifically ordered this way), it is classically proportioned, in mint condition, exceptionally well appointed and completely unfettered by excessive silk and varnish. Its clean lines and impeccable finish, combined with its very effective and contemporary action, make it a most desirable rod. Its whole cane butt is both rare in terms of our production, as well having that unique that spring that gives one’s Wallis cast an extra fillip at the critical moment.

Suitable for reel lines of 3 – 6 lbs BS and casting weights up to ¾ oz.