Barder Rod Co Tonkin bamboo double-ended case for floats, caps, hooks & shot.

Ultra-rare and in mint condition, this lovely case, just 16" long, was made in 1996. One of only two or three ever made.


Colin and I can’t quite remember if we made two or three of these double-ended Tonkin bamboo cases. This is the first one we’ve seen since the mid-nineties.

The bamboo’s natural diaphragm forms the division between the shorter compartment for shot, caps and hooks and the longer float compartment. The velvety pith of the bamboo’s inside is the most wonderful, float-friendly natural interior.

The end plugs are beautifully figured American cherry, with cork shafts and baize discs -red for the shot, caps & hooks, green for the floats.

The ends are secured with fitted brass bands.

The exterior of the richly flame-toned Tonkin bamboo is varnished to perfection.

The white Indian ink inscription in the middle says: E. Barder rod co. makers ’96. ‘Tonkin’ bamboo.

At the floats end: Floats up to 7½”

At the other end: Shot, caps and hooks.

As well as being exceptionally rare, this is a practical container for a day’s float fishing.

Since my friend and colleague Colin Whitehouse ruled the world of hand-made floats and we made these lovely Tonkin bamboo cases, many years have passed. We understand that people collect such things. We’re very pleased to hear it.

Has your collection got a Barder Rod Co double ended Tonkin bamboo case in it? Now’s your chance.